Autumn Goddess Retreat Workshops

The Autumn Goddess Retreat offers a host of amazing workshops throughout the day.  We are bringing together some of the best local teachers and healers to bring you a variety of valuable classes and experiences. Stay tuned as more are added throughout the year!

2020 Workshops

Learn about our workshop presentations and their hosts. We will continue to add workshops to the schedule throughout the year.

If you are interested in presenting at this years festival, please download and submit the proposal to AGR Workshop Presenter 

Everybody Drum!

Presented by Tammi Hessen

Rhythm for Our Soul, Tammi Hensen, Bumbada! Women DrummingRaise some energy and have some fun while you learn how to drum. Join Tammi Hessen of Bumbada! for a fun, interactive drum circle. Have a drum? Bring it along! Don't have one? No worries. Tammi will have plenty to go around!



When a Conduit of Spirit Speaks

Presented by Blue Turtle

Blue Turtle Headshot, Ted Hallman Photography

Experience firsthand what it is like to be an instrument of the Divine Energy attuned and serving to help others grow into their gifts and live their full potential. Blue Turtle, M.Div., M. Ed., will share from his spiritual path and work what is important for you to know to develop and grow in your own gifts and blessings. He will give you insights and share a guided meditation which will bring you exactly what you need in the moment as a conduit of Spirit.
For 32 years, Blue Turtle has served the metaphysical community as an intuitive counselor, teacher, and alchemist. He comes from an intuitive maternal Serbian-Croatian-Ukrainian-Central Asian shamanic tradition with ties to the Oracle at Delphi as well as paternal Celtic-Roman-Germanic-Scandinavian heritage going back to the founding lineage of the Ashkenazi-Levite, who cared for the female presence of God, the Shekinah, in the wilderness Tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem. Blue Turtle drums and sings as informed by significant Native American past lives. He receives messages from Shockara Starbeings, Mother of Light, Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde, and Mahatma Gandhi which are published in Sedona Journal of Emergence. Blue Turtle teaches intuitive classes at his Mystery School of Emerging Eternity.

Angelic Light and Love for your Body, Mind and Spirit

Presented by Wendy Harvill


Angelic Light WeavingYou are invited to receive a boost of Angelic Light and Divine Mother Blessings as you start your day of fun at the Autumn Goddess Retreat.

We will begin with a brief talk about the benefits of multi-dimensional encoded Angelic Light energy for your body, mind and spirit. We’ll then set sacred space through prayer inviting the angels to join us as we open to receive Light and Love from the Angelic Realm.  As the angels fill the space with their energy they will begin to guide and work through me as I move through the room weaving Rays of Light and Sacred Geometries in, through and around those gathered.  All energy is perfectly calibrated for the group as well as for each individual through their Higher Self. You may experience peace, joy and comfort as you are filled with this high frequency vibration of Divine Love.

Our time together in the workshop concludes with balancing, grounding and blessings from the Divine Mothers of Light and Love.