Autumn Goddess Retreat Workshops

The Autumn Goddess Retreat offers a host of amazing workshops throughout the day.  We are bringing together some of the best local teachers and healers to bring you a variety of valuable classes and experiences.

2019 Workshop Schedule

Time Workshop Room 1 Presented By
10:30 Angelic Light and Love for your Body, Mind and Spirit. Wendy Harvill
11:30 ELI Assessment: A Mirror that Reflects Your World Gloria Earthraven Hunsberger
12:30 Your Wise Magical Voice Ruth Ratliff
1:30 Discovering Your Psychic and Intuitive Powers Debra Diamond
2:30 Drumming Workshop Tammie Hessen
3:30 Sound Health: Music Making and Listening Lynn Miller
4:30 Glimpses Across the Veil: Photos and Stories from the Afterlife Lesley Wood


Time Workshop Room 2 Presented By
10:30 Claim Your Sovereignty Over Money & Abundance Jami A. Hearn
11:30 Essential Oils 101 Lindsey Arsenault
12:30 Creating a Personal Sanctuary Eagle Skyfire
1:30 Healthy Love: Differentiating Unhealthy and Abusive Relationship Behaviors from Healthier Alternatives and Advocating for Yourself and Others Amelia Rayburn
2:30 Womens Wilderness Walk Sara Friedman
3:30 Discover Your Intuitive Self Blue Turtle
4:30 Living in the Shadows Loida

2019 Workshops

Learn about our workshop presentations and their hosts. We will continue to add workshops to the schedule throughout the year.

Women's Wilderness Walk

Presented by Sara Friedman of Freed Women's Retreats

Freed Womens Retreats, Womens Wilderness Walk, Autumn Goddess Retreat WorkshopWomen's circles help us grow together by creating a safe space of unconditional love. We share stories of pain and pleasure, healing ourselves and each other, empowering the divine feminine. Spending time in nature grounds us and connects us to the cycles of the Earth. Let's combine both of these activities and come together in a Women's Wilderness Walk. First we'll experience a women's circle that includes light yoga, circle sharing, and intention setting. Then, we'll go for a hike around the property as we focus on presence. Throughout the hike we'll discuss affirmations and practice introspection. By the end of this workshop, we'll feel empowered, grounded, and connected!

Essential Oils 101

Presented by Lindsey Arsenault

Young Living Essential OilsDiscover how to use essential oils as a tool for better overall health and wellness in the introductory workshop.

You will learn:

  • General uses of essential oils
  • Common uses for a few popular oils
  • Safety tips
  • Why quality matters in essential oils
  • How to make a roller

The class will include time for Q&A

Sound Health: Music Making and Listening

Presented by Lynn Miller & Lynn Saltiel 

tibetan singing bowls

Music can affect all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual. It can
be used to address a myriad of health and wellness related concerns in a safe way. Scientific studies are showing that music making can enhance brain functioning. Learn musical self-care tools for self and others through making and
listening to music. You will have an opportunity for both experiential and receptive sound practices for well-being.

 Experience skills and practices with playing Tibetan bowls
 Enhance expression, interpersonal communication and creativity through
music making
 Receive a “Tune-Up” with a Sound Bath

Musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to everyone!

Lynn Saltiel LCSW is a therapist and Music for People facilitator.
Lynn Miller MA is a Music therapist and Sound Healer.

Everybody Drum!

Presented by Tammi Hessen

Rhythm for Our Soul, Tammi Hensen, Bumbada! Women DrummingRaise some energy and have some fun while you learn how to drum. Join Tammi Hessen of Bumbada! for a fun, interactive drum circle. Have a drum? Bring it along! Don't have one? No worries. Tammi will have plenty to go around!



Discover Your Intuitive Self

Presented by Blue Turtle

Blue Turtle Headshot, Ted Hallman PhotographyWhy is it that, when we trust our "gut feeling", everything works out well? In this workshop, we will explore our "intuition" and go within to connect with our Intuitive Self. By spending more and more time "going within", we will get to know our deepest selves and be unified with the Divine Energy we are part of. We can create our joy, abundance and love, and replenish our Being.

Creating a Personal Sanctuary

Presented by Eagle Skyfire

It is important for all of us to have a space where we can feel safe, become connected with our sacred self and our spiritual helpers.  Learn how to create a place of sanctuary that will help to boost your health and inner peace. Eagle Skyfire shares basic Native American spiritual principles to help you build your own sacred space and how to properly perform a smudging ritual.

Angelic Light and Love for your Body, Mind and Spirit

Presented by Wendy Harvill


Angelic Light WeavingYou are invited to receive a boost of Angelic Light and Divine Mother Blessings as you start your day of fun at the Autumn Goddess Retreat.

We will begin with a brief talk about the benefits of multi-dimensional encoded Angelic Light energy for your body, mind and spirit. We’ll then set sacred space through prayer inviting the angels to join us as we open to receive Light and Love from the Angelic Realm.  As the angels fill the space with their energy they will begin to guide and work through me as I move through the room weaving Rays of Light and Sacred Geometries in, through and around those gathered.  All energy is perfectly calibrated for the group as well as for each individual through their Higher Self. You may experience peace, joy and comfort as you are filled with this high frequency vibration of Divine Love.

Our time together in the workshop concludes with balancing, grounding and blessings from the Divine Mothers of Light and Love.

ELI Assessment: A Mirror That Reflects Your World

Presented by Gloria Earthraven Hunsberger

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is used to measure your energetic self-perception. It is a one of a kind assessment that enables participants to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors (their default tendencies). The assessment gives you some insight as to how you are showing up in your life. Once you realize how your level of awareness is tied to your action, you can move from functioning effectively to functioning optimally. Once you really understand your energy, you will be able to use it to your advantage.

Your Wise Magical Voice

Presented by Ruth Ratliff

Sound healing workshopWe ALL carry our own instrument of expression, healing and spiritual connection within us - find out the science behind it and how to use it!

Join Sound Healer Ruth Ratliff in this transformative workshop where she shares her personal accounts and cutting edge research to illustrate and support the potential of voice and vibration for empowerment, healing, and spiritual connection.

Ruth will also guide you in a balancing and restorative chakra toning session using voice and other sound instruments to integrate what you learn in the workshop.

Some key takeaways that you will learn about:

  • The study of Cymatics, the science of visible sound vibrations and how that has opened up our awareness of how sound affects matter.
  • The study of Human Bioacoustics, that shows that your voice is a holographic representation of your state of health and wellness.
  • Our heart also has a voice, and the bridge from the heart to the voice is the key to empowerment, effective communication, and spiritual connection, and I will share groundbreaking information on the heart that will support this.
  • Concepts that will open up a greater awareness of your body as a vibrant instrument of expressive communication and a tool for connecting to our divine aspect.
  • Why sound healing, especially from your own embodied voice, works!

These compelling examples open you to a new way of understanding your voice as an amazing tool for effective, heart-centered communication, healing, and spiritual awakening.

Healthy Love:

Differentiating Unhealthy and Abusive Relationship Behaviors from Healthier Alternatives and Advocating for Yourself and Others

Presented by Amelia Rayburn, DVCCC

relationshipsThe Domestic Violence Center of Chester County's Director of Education Programs, Amelia Rayburn, leads a discussion-based workshop about unhealthy norms in relationships and working toward healthier and move positive alternatives. In this session, audience members will be able to reflect on their own perceptions and experiences as well as learn ways to advocate for themselves and others.

Due to the sensitive nature of the material discussed, this program could possibly be triggering to audience members.

Glimpses Across the Veil: Photos and Stories from the Afterlife

Presented by Lesley Wood

glimpses across the veil, lesley wood, mediumJoin Psychic. Medium. Historian. Reiki Master-Instructor, Lesley Wood as she shares her collection of paranormal photographs taken over many years at some of the most infamously haunted places in PA including Fort Mifflin, Hopewell Furnace, Gettysburg National Park, Eickley Miner's Village, The Thomas Crawford House, and more.  As a spiritual Counselor/trained multi-faith Chaplain, and paranormal educator, Lesley will share some of the stories connected to and "behind" the photos.

About the Speaker:  Lesley Wood is a university-level instructor and adult education instructor.  She is currently the Director of Fur N Feathers of NJ's PA Hub in Morgantown, PA (501 c 3 animal rescue).  Lesley has a lifelong interest in photography, and she has worked in both 35 mm and digital formats.  Prints and autographs will be available at the lecture. (Proceeds will go to animal rescue.) For more info or to book a lecture, contact Lesley Wood @ or via PM on Facebook.  Look for her photos at

Claim Your Sovereignty Over Money & Abundance

Presented by Jami A. Hearn

akashic recordsLearn how you can reclaim your power and control over your money story using the Akashic Records.

Psychic Powers

Presented by Debra Diamond

Debra Diamond headshotYou don't need to be a psychic to take this workshop. This workshop is designed to open up and manage your psychic and intuitive abilites in an interactive and supportive environment.

Using simple exercises and group activities, you'll learn about the five clairs and telepathy. You'll develop intuitive skills to learn how to access higher guidance for your life experience.

If you've always wanted to learn how to communicate with Spirit and explore your intuition, this workshop is for you. Discover and enhance your intuitive abilities in a safe and fun environment. All levels welcome.

Living in the Shadows

Presented by Loaida Rodriguez

Loaida Rodriguez HeadshotLiving In The Shadows workshop is a reflection of my own experience before I was able to even recognize that my own life was consumed by the effect of domestic violence. The denial of the existing patterns that nearly consumed my own existence. The pain one’s lived that  forced me  to emerge from living in the shadows and find peace and comfort in knowing that there is help when is sought.