Autumn Goddess Retreat Workshops

The Autumn Goddess Retreat offers a host of amazing workshops throughout the day.  We are bringing together some of the best local teachers and healers to bring you a variety of valuable classes and experiences.

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Check out the great classes offered at out last event:

Integrating the Sacred Marriage Within

Presented by Blue Turtle

Blue Turtle Intuitive Counseling, autumn goddess retreat, festival, wellness in harmony, holistic expo, phoenixville pa, valley forge, freedoms foundation, unite for her, fundraiser
Blue Turtle Intuitive Counseling

To create your happiness, joy, and abundance, one must first integrate their opposites, their feminine and masculine aspects, so that they are full and complete in themselves. Only then can one successfully create the sacred marriage in partnership in the world. Intuitive counselor and teacher, Blue Turtle, M.Div., M.Ed., will help you to explore and understand all that you are capable of creating inside yourself to live your potential and fulfillment.

Beauty is Wellness

Presented by Sue Weldon

Beauty is Wellness, Sue Weldon, Unite for HER
Beauty is Wellness

Join Sue Weldon, founder of Unite for HER, for a discussion about how we can make simple healthy upgrades that positively impact our lives. Explore organic options for personal care and beauty products that reduce toxin exposure. Learn about the chemicals found in household products and what to avoid, so you can be assured of a safer home and cleaner environment. Discover a new approach to beauty, one that pampers you and makes you glow with the freshest, most beautifying foods in nature.

Sound Journey Experience

Presented by Dave Antonio

AGR Sound Healing Workshop, Autumn Goddess Retreat Workshop
AGR Sound Healing Workshop

Feel spirit carried on the back of sound and overtones across the directions.

This will be a sound journey. Dave will be encompassing you with the vibrations from Didgeridoo, Flutes, Drums, rattles and more, filling the group with healing energy. The combination of these sounds will relax you, take you on a new journey, help you release old patterns & create inner balance.  You will be able to relax and enjoy a blending of the shamanistic and therapeutic. Feel free to bring a journal to write in and process your experience. Time for group discussion will be built into the session.

Crystals Properties and Technology, Dawn Jones
Crystals Properties and Technology

Crystals: Properties & Technology

Presented by Dawn Jones

From capturing and emitting light to the impact of their vibrations, crystals have been used throughout history for their amazing properties.  Learn about how their scientific properties are utilized in modern technology as well as how they apply to the theory behind crystal therapy.


Heaven on Earth Meditation, SoulShift, Ellen Grawe
Heaven on Earth Meditation

Heaven on Earth Meditation

Presented by Ellen Grawe

Through a divinely led meditation, you will visualize the highest vision of yourself and release old patterns, triggers, emotions, outdated beliefs and draw in strength and divine help to allow your highest vision to come through with more grace and ease.

Me and My Shadow: An introduction to the energy medicine of the Peruvian Andes

Me and My Shadow, shaman, peru, willowsilk
Me and My Shadow

Presented by Margaret Welsh Willowsilk

  • Are others able to push your buttons?
  • Do you see the same patterns coming up in your life, over and over again?
  • Do you notice that you attract the same type of boss, boyfriend/girlfriend or situation over and over again in your life?
  • Is your life OK but you know you can be so much more?

Margaret Welsh Willowsilk has been initiated into the ancient Inka lineage of Lightbody healers through The Four Winds Society. This ancient healing practice removes energetic imprints or patterns that have accumulated through trauma or have come to us from our ancestors, through our DNA.

Carl Jung referred to the unknown dark side of our personality as the “shadow”. It is an unconscious aspect of our personality that the conscious ego does not identify with. These  shadows or energetic imprints predispose us to illness and recurring emotional problems.

When we are free of our old conditioning, wounds, and contracts, we are able to move forward, free of obstacles, and our soul is able to evolve.  We are free to move fully into our lives, consciously fulfilling our destiny.

Move Your Meridians!

Presented by Gina Loree Marks

Move Your Meridians, acupressure, qi gong, embody grace
Move Your Meridians

The energetic meridians along the outside of the body (according to Chinese Medicine) are the pathways between your vital organs and your limbs, trunk and head.

How we move and physically interact with our environment has an effect on how smoothly (or not) your life force flows along these pathways, giving true physical expression to your life force, and returning back again to nourish your organs and deeper core energy.

Join Gina for a self-massage tour of the meridians, then moving your body qigong-style, so as to stretch and release tension along these lines, encouraging the flow of energy throughout the whole body.

Dancing Deva (for Women Only)

Dancing Deva, Meghan Ryan, Autumn Goddess Retreat
Dancing Deva

Presented by Meghan Ryan

This workshop/playshop for women only has been created out of my own experience of moving from body shame and struggles with eating disorders through my teen into young adult years.  I discovered dance as a student first, and then certified Nia Instructor. I have continued to study dance  such as belly dance and exotic dance as a way to reclaim my own body.  This journey has been over 20 years and I am blessed to know this is part of my calling to provide a space for women to be fierce and fearless, laughing and loving all at once.

This is moving meditation to connect to your inner fire.  Based on dance as well as strength and floorwork, addressing the core and our chakras, we discover our own beauty and embrace what I consider, sacred sexiness.  All movement is adaptable to varying fitness levels and even emotional comfort levels.  Please feel free to play "dress up"...bring your favorite scarves, veils, hip belts, skirts and any attire that brings out your joy!

Glimpses Across the Veil: Photos and Stories from the Afterlife

Presented by Lesley Wood

glimpses across the veil, lesley wood
Casemate #5 at Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA by Lesley Wood

Join Psychic.Medium.Public Historian.Reiki Master Practitioner-Instructor, Lesley Wood, as she shares her collection of paranormal photographs taken over many years at some of the most infamously haunted places in PA including Fort Mifflin, Hopewell Furnace, Gettysburg National Park, Eickley Miners Village, the Thomas Crawford Mansion, and more. As a paranormal researcher and Lightworker interested in End-of-Life transitions, Parasychology, and Reincarnation,  Lesley will share some of the unique stories connected to and "behind" the photos. 

Electromagnetic Radiation Reduction

Presented by Lee Sagula

EMF Meter, electromagnectic radiation, lee sagula, healthy homes consulting
EMF Meter

Lee Sagula, of Healthy Homes Consulting will be discussing and demonstrating common sources of EMF's in homes such as cordless phones, LED lights, smart meters etc and how to reduce or eliminate these EMF's!.   This demo will be complete with all the meters that Lee actually uses when doing an EMF Assessment.  She will also discuss cell phones and how to use them safely!  Lee is an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Bau-Biologist (since 2001) and conducts home and office EMF assessments in the area.  She is also trained in indoor air quality and water quality. As, EMF's have increased exponentially in the workplace and most public areas, it is more important than ever to learn how to reduce and eliminate them in our homes!  Even small reductions in EMF's can have profound effects.  Creating a low-EMF home and sleeping area is beneficial for those with health concerns such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, lyme, autism and cancer or anyone who just wants increased energy and well-being.

Exploring Past Lives, the Windows to your Soul

Presented by Pam Aloia

SolAngel, Exploring Past Lives, Pam Aolia
Exploring Past Lives

To heal on a profound level, we must be willing to walk with our Soul. Exploring our past lives offers us glimpses into our Soul's unique journey and associated lessons and goals along the way. This workshop discusses a brief overview of past life regression therapy, how past life regression can be used for our benefit, and just how deep these sessions can be. Participants will be led through a light regression session for personal healing.

Harnessing The Power To Create: A Journey Through Expressive Movement

Presented by Melissa Nedza

Melissa Nedza, expressive dance
Melissa Nedza

What do you truly desire? In this workshop we will take a journey inward  to explore how guided visualization, yoga and breathing exercises, and creative

movement can help you embody the power to create whatever fulfills your heart.  No dance experience necessary, only a willingness to play and create through different mind/body experiences.


Healing Path to Joy

Presented by Gloria EarthRaven & Kathy Giles

Healing Path to Joy, Gloria EarthRaven, Kathy Giles
Healing Path to Joy

Imagine a life of joy with no stresses embracing that we are whole and complete just as we are.  In this workshop, Earthraven and Kathy will conduct a group Path to Heal session, which will lead you down a path of self-discovery to find the root sources of stresses and other blocks to joy.  During the workshop, these stresses and blocks will be released, resulting in a calm relaxing feeling.

A Guided Journey to Mother Bear  - Who Heals and Nurtures Us

Presented by Cyndy Paige

Mother Bear Journey, Cyndy Paige
Mother Bear

Since time out of mind, Bear has been a symbol for the first peoples of our nation (and many other cultures on the planet), of the energy of Healer, of self and others.  Join us as we relax deeply, and ride the sound of the drum into trance or meditation, to visit the cave of the Healing Bear, to snuggle, to listen, to heal deep in our bones, and to feel the unconditional love of mothering.  Absolutely no experience is needed.  Cyndy will lovingly guide you.

Cyndy a traditionally trained Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Drum, Rattle and Feather Fan Creator who has extensively studied earth honoring traditions with indigenous elders. Cyndy is of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage, and is a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society.

Have the Guts to Heal Your Gut!

Author Donna Rosen, Have the Guts to Heal Your Guts
Author Donna Rosen

Presented by Donna Rosen

Share Donna’s journey for relief and healing after a lifetime of misery with digestive distress. She shares highlights of the suffering from food allergies and IBS as well as the immense joy of healing these issues without drugs!




Rhythm for Our Soul

Rhythm for Our Soul, Tammi Hensen, Bumbada! Women Drumming
Rhythm for Our Soul

Presented by Tammi Hensen

It began with the Mother's heartbeat, and we are all still connected. Let's drum together!

Tammi will lead us through some of the ancient traditional rhythms and inspire you to  express the rhythms in your own soul. Did you know that drums have notes? Learn the 3 traditional notes, the history of the instrument, and its culture. Express your own rhythms, learn traditional - and non-traditional - songs, movements, and most definitely have some fun! All equipment provided...but if you have a drum, bring it along!

Angelic Light Weaving

Presented by Wendy Harvill

Angelic Light WeavingDiscover the powerful yet gentle healing and clearing energies of Angelic Light Weaving.  As we move through our daily lives we can “pick up” energy which does not belong to us- we also create energy which is ours but which may no longer serve our highest and greatest good.  Guided by the angels, light language emanates from the light weavers hands and fingertips transmitting inter-dimensional encoded energy, color and sacred symbols into the energetic fields of the receiver to move that energy up and out.

Join Wendy in circle to learn more about this beautiful healing energy and to experience a group angelic light weaving session during the workshop.

Color Healing

Presented by Helen Heinmiller

Color HealingJoin Solar Color Energy Expert, Helen Heinmiller, to experience the power of the new dimensions of Solar Color Energies you can access now to help you relax, relieve stress and anxiety, and heal deeply! Experience these powerful new dimensions of color through a powerful guided meditation experience, using Helen’s unique Solar Color Integration Technique. Helen will address what these Solar Color Energies are, what healing attributes they bring, and how you can use these incredible new allies in every aspect of your life.

If you would like to discover one of the new gifts from the Universe that can be added to YOUR “wellness toolbox” then this workshop is for you!

Meet Your Physical Intelligence!

Presented by Kathryn Bohn

Kathryn BohnDid you know that the same force which governs the perfectly synchronized order of the Universe is at home in YOU too?

This Powerful, Intelligent force also perfectly organises your Body, Mind, and Spirit into harmony. Activating and relying on this Physical Intelligence brings you into balance and changes your earthly experiences in beneficial ways.

Have you connected with and activated your Physical Intelligence today?

Join us as Kathryn leads us through a short series of experiences that will activate and awaken your personal,  biological computer and bring you online with the powerful organizing force of the Universe.