Autumn Goddess Retreat Workshops

The Autumn Goddess Retreat offers a host of amazing workshops throughout the day.  We are bringing together some of the best local teachers and healers to lead you in a variety of valuable classes and experiences. Stay tuned as more are added throughout the year!

If you are interested in presenting at this years festival, please download and submit the following proposal to AGR Workshop Presenter Agreement 2021

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Soul Interfusion

Presented by Dianne Wilson

There are infinite aspects that our soul is infused with. This raises an infinite number of questions.

  • What exactly is our soul?
  • How does it serve us and what is its purpose?
  • How can we best fulfill its purpose and its mission in this lifetime?
  • What is that key that we have access to?

Join me in this interactive discussion as we dive deep into this mystical and sacred topic to uncover these questions and more. We just may be able to discover the answers!

Gentle Yoga with Soothing Sounds & Gong Bath

Presented by Jennifer Ryan

Jen of Embodied Intuitive Care is intuitively offering a gentle yoga session in the accompaniment of a lulling sound bath in addition to a gong bath savasana for reset and refreshment. Special instruments include hand pan, crystal pyramid, Koshi chimes and more soothing surprises. The intention for this gathering opportunity is to nourish all layers of your being, revitalize and reconnect with self and one. Reintegrate back into your life renewed from this time together!

What is a soundbath? A soundbath is intended to "rinse" over you, giving you a sense of soothing wonder. With your eyes closed in gentle surrender to the flow of the soundwave, the experience can feel a bit mysterious with incorporation of an eclectic variety of special sound tools that you typically do not hear. Overall, you may leave feeling refreshed and renewed as the sound may replace mental chatter and offer a reprieve in its place.

BYO yoga mat

Healthy Love: Differentiating Unhealthy and Abusive Relationship Behaviors from Healthier Alternatives and Advocating for Yourself and Others

Presented by Amelia Rayburn-Pizzica

The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County's Director of Education Programs, Amelia Rayburn-Pizzica, leads a discussion-based workshop about unhealthy norms in relationships and working toward healthier and move positive alternatives. In this session, audience members will be able to reflect on their own perceptions and experiences as well as learn ways to advocate for themselves and others. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the material discussed, this program could possibly be triggering to audience members.

Rhythm in Our Soul

Presented by Tammi Hessen of Bumbada! Womens Drumming

It began with the Mother's heartbeat, and we are all still connected. Let's drum together!

Tammi will lead us through some of the ancient traditional rhythms and inspire you to express the rhythms in your own soul. Did you know that drums have notes? Learn the 3 traditional notes, the history of the instrument, and its culture. Express your own rhythms, learn traditional - and non-traditional - songs, movements, and most definitely have some fun! All equipment provided...but if you have a drum, bring it.

Movement Meditation with Live Music

Music is an inspiration to dance and dance an inspiration to music

Presented by Lynn Miller & Lynn Saltiel, MSW

When we move we make relationships-relationship with space, relationship with the music, relationship to the ground, relationship to self and relationship with another. Unlock the wisdom of the body through fun interactive simple, yet powerful mindfulness movement practices and guided movement structures influenced by QiGong and Improvisation.

Develop skills in spontaneity and deep listening through contemplative movement, and free expression through movement with live music and percussion instruments. Relax, play, connect and explore.

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to move at your own pace.

Music therapist Lynn Miller and Lynn Saltiel MSW will guide your movement journey with a Kotamo (a hybrid instrument combining Indian tanpura and Japanese Koto), frame drum, flutes and handpan.

As A Conduit of Spirit Speaks…

Presented By Blue Turtle

Blue Turtle, intuitive counselor and teacher, leads you through a life-changing experiential guided meditation to explore what you perfectly need in the moment of meeting together in this workshop. Those of you who are called will be present to learn and renew your special relationship with the Divine. The Holy Ones and your guides will come forth to share their insights and blessings with you and help you on your life journey.

Blue Turtle, M.Div., M. Ed., has served the metaphysical community for 33 years. He learned the intuitive Tarot directly with Spirit for nine years of apprenticeship. Because his family has suffered significant family curses, Blue Turtle has been called to continue his Serbian-Croatian Poppy’s calling to help others heal their family curse through the Divine energy. He comes from a maternal intuitive family where his Croatian great-grandmother had the sight and suffered epilepsy. His Poppy talked to the spirits and the dead to heal the family curse. Blue Turtle shares a National Geographic DNA ancestor with Tutankhamen, Nikola Tesla, Queen Victoria, and Abraham Lincoln. His paternal line is Ashkenazi-Levite, who cared for the female aspect of God, the Shekinah, in the wilderness Tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem. His spiritual writings and poetry are published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, the Universalist Herald, and the Journal of Unitarian Universalist History. Blue Turtle is grateful to serve others as an instrument of Spirit to create their full potential.

Chill Vinyasa Yoga with Kate

Presented by Kate Goodyear

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Join Kate for a Chilled out version of a Vinyasa yoga class. This class will be suitable for all levels of practitioners including beginners with options to work harder or relax more depending on how you are feeling in the moment. Kate has over 10 years experience in teaching and blends the physical aspects of practice with the spiritual and philosophical as well.

BYO yoga mat

Self-Empowerment - The Importance of Being YOU

Presented by Geralyn St. Joseph

In this talk we will explore the ways we can find ourselves and strengthen our spirits. We will discuss some key points for developing self-empowerment, and how this is the key to finding an undercurrent of JOY.

Heal From The Core with Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

Presented by Juliette Gamble, M.S., NBCC

Experience An "Embodied" Approach to learning, much different than the cognitive approaches most common in our society.

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises is a revolutionary body-based (somatic) technique that shakes off deep muscular patterns of stress, chronic tension, and trauma to calm the nervous system, building resiliency so you can easily return your body back to a state of balance even in the face of great stress.   While stress is a healthy part of life that helps motivate and/or alert us to danger, too much stress is dangerous for our health.

​If we can't turn off the fear switch, we stay "stuck" in hyper-arousal.  When we fail to deactivate the stress-response, we can't "reset" and "rest and digest."

​Heal From the Core's Signature Program will bring the body back into a state of balance so that we may allow healing to occur. A great adjunct to traditional psychotherapy and medical management in treating chronic stress and dysregulation, which can contribute to physical symptoms including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, post-surgical pain, myofascial pain and tension, prenatal and perinatal traumas, motor vehicle accidents, physical traumas and injuries, falls, psychosomatic conditions, stress-related medical conditions, medical trauma, anxiety, and depression.