Autumn Goddess Retreat Workshops

The Autumn Goddess Retreat offers a host of amazing workshops throughout the day.  We are bringing together some of the best local teachers and healers to bring you a variety of valuable classes and experiences.

Interested in offering a workshop during our 2019 festival? Click here: AGR Workshop Presenter Agreement 2019


2019 Workshops

Learn about our workshop presentations and their hosts. We will continue to add workshops to the schedule throughout the year.

Women's Wilderness Walk

Presented by Sara Friedman of Freed Women's Retreats

Freed Womens Retreats, Womens Wilderness Walk, Autumn Goddess Retreat WorkshopWomen's circles help us grow together by creating a safe space of unconditional love. We share stories of pain and pleasure, healing ourselves and each other, empowering the divine feminine. Spending time in nature grounds us and connects us to the cycles of the Earth. Let's combine both of these activities and come together in a Women's Wilderness Walk. First we'll experience a women's circle that includes light yoga, circle sharing, and intention setting. Then, we'll go for a hike around the property as we focus on presence. Throughout the hike we'll discuss affirmations and practice introspection. By the end of this workshop, we'll feel empowered, grounded, and connected!


Essential Oils 101

Presented by Lindsey Arsenault

Young Living Essential OilsDiscover how to use essential oils as a tool for better overall health and wellness in the introductory workshop.

You will learn:

  • General uses of essential oils
  • Common uses for a few popular oils
  • Safety tips
  • Why quality matters in essential oils
  • How to make a roller

The class will include time for Q&A

Shamanic Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation

Presented by Margaret Welsh Willowsilk

munayki workshopCome and join me in this workshop to learn about the energy medicine of the Peruvian Andes. Humanity is now going through a great transition of consciousness. Become a stewart for the planet and all life on it, as we heal ourselves.

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine empowerment rites based on the initiating practices of the Q'ero shamans of Peru. Munay in Quechua means love. Ki is from the Japanese word for energy. Together these words mean "energy of love".

During this workshop you will receive the Rite of the Womb, the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki. "The womb is not a place to store fear or pain. The womb creates and gives birth to life." This rite is freely given. Once you have received it, you many share it with as many women as possible,

You will receive a handout with information and instructions on how to pass it.

Discover Your Intuitive Self

Presented by Blue Turtle

Blue Turtle Headshot, Ted Hallman PhotographyWhy is it that, when we trust our "gut feeling", everything works out well? In this workshop, we will explore our "intuition" and go within to connect with our Intuitive Self. By spending more and more time "going within", we will get to know our deepest selves and be unified with the Divine Energy we are part of. We can create our joy, abundance and love, and replenish our Being.

Creating a Personal Sanctuary

Presented by Eagle Skyfire

It is important for all of us to have a space where we can feel safe, become connected with our sacred self and our spiritual helpers.  Learn how to create a place of sanctuary that will help to boost your health and inner peace. Eagle Skyfire shares basic Native American spiritual principles to help you build your own sacred space and how to properly perform a smudging ritual.

Self-Care through Assessing Your Wheel of Life

Presented by Katie Bean

Wheel of LifeAttendees will participate in an activity to reflect on the ways they currently expend energy and the impact of this on how balanced they feel among the many areas of life and roles we play. Once gaps are identified between the ideal and current state of balance, many options for selfcare techniques will be discussed and shared as a group.