Autumn Goddess Retreat Performances

Each year, the Autumn Goddess Retreat provides a full day of live interactive music and dance performances for your enjoyment.  Bring a blanket or chair, a drum if you have one, and your dancing shoes and enjoy these talented artists!

Interested in performing at our 2019 festival? Please contact Linda at


Follow the links below to learn more about these artists. Full schedule will be posted soon.

Peggy Kellar: Acoustic Guitar/vocalist

Mystic Song: features musicians Lynn Miller, guitar / vocals with Lynn Saltiel silver flute, native flutes and frame drum.

Tapestry Tribal: Interactive Belly Dance Performances

Laura Thomae: musician/vocalist

Gypsy Funk Squad: Live world music

Bumbada! Women Drumming: Bring your drum and join the fun as Bumbada! closes the day with their annual drum circle

Tom Dieffenbach is once again managing the sound stage for us.

  • Tom Dieffenbach
    Tom Dieffenbach
    Sound management
  • Tapestry Tribal Belly Dance Troop
    Tapestry Tribal Belly Dance Troop
    Offering Tribal Belly Dance performances and group lessons throughout the day.
  • Peggy Kellar
    Peggy Kellar
  • Bumbada! Women Drumming
    Bumbada! Women Drumming
    Offering interactive drum performance to close the festival with lots of joyful energy and celebration!
  • Gypsy Funk Squad
    Gypsy Funk Squad
  • Laura Thomae
    Laura Thomae
  • Mystic Song
    Mystic Song

Be sure to check out the workshop schedule and our vendors to plan your day.