Autumn Goddess Retreat Performances

Each year, the Autumn Goddess Retreat provides a full day of live interactive music and dance performances for your enjoyment.  Bring a blanket or chair and your dancing shoes and enjoy these talented artists!

Time Performer
10:30 Alexandra March
11:30 Tapestry Tribal
1:00 JoAnne Calabrese
2:00 Bent Benjamins
3:30 Tapestry Tribal
4:00-6:00 Bumbada! Women Drumming


  • Joanne Calabrese
    Joanne Calabrese
  • Alexandra March
    Alexandra March
  • Tom Dieffenbach
    Tom Dieffenbach
    Sound management
  • Tapestry Tribal Belly Dance Troop
    Tapestry Tribal Belly Dance Troop
    Offering Tribal Belly Dance performances and group lessons throughout the day.
  • Bumbada! Women Drumming
    Bumbada! Women Drumming
    Offering interactive drum performance to close the festival with lots of joyful energy and celebration!
  • The Bent Benjamins
    The Bent Benjamins